I am so glad you stopped by to say hello. I am Hayley AKA Fauxlaroids.

That is me there on the left puckering up like a pro (the one without the moustache).

What you are looking at is a little bit of history. That, my friends, is a photo of the first ever Fauxlaroid (I am hoping to sell it to a museum in my old age…I think it would look good in a glass case with a brass plaque). It was made as part of the decor for my engagement party back in March 2015, when I realised that the dreadfully plain hall I had hired was indeed dreadful and plain…cue manic panic and decoration purchasing with less than a week to the big (ish!) day.

I had this crazy, creative idea to hang Polaroid prints of me and Mr P from helium balloons, documenting our hilarious adventures from our years together, from helium balloons, but I couldn’t afford the camera, let alone the film (HOW MUCH?!). I also realised that a Polaroid is limited as you can only take instant pics…not document all the good times from the past which are captured in digital form.

I then researched photo print providers who offered retro style prints from my images, but I wasn’t convinced that they were for me as I LOVE heavy paper, embarrassing photos, high quality, low prices, supporting UK business and a quick turnaround…was I asking for a miracle to have all aspects of my paper based love covered by one single photo print company? Apparently yes!

Using my amazing graphic design know how (I am very modest) and Mr P’s (that’s him in the pic looking really impressed) print connections I set about collecting all the embarrassing pictures of the two of us I could find and created my own professionally processed retro style prints ……. FAUXLAROIDS was born!

And the rest, as they say, is history…

Hilarious adventure awaits…and I’ll be here to print your photos of it all!

Hayley X

The FAUXLAROID’s mission
(if I choose to accept it…and I have)

To use high quality, heavy weight paper stock (got to love a bit of 300gsm)
To personally process and check every order (no robots here!)
To process, print, package and post within 3 working days (no rest for the wicked)
To professionally print long lasting, quality images that have a million, zillion uses (the numbers may be a little skewed, but there are definitely a lot of ways to use these bad boys)
To release images back into the ‘real world’ as actual real, hold-in-your-hands photos