How many photos can I process?
The minimum order is 16 Fauxaroids and the maximum is as many as you’d like (Fauxlaroids are available in multiples of 8) if you have a large/bulk order (over 300 prints) please email hello@fauxlaroids.co.uk for a pricing quote.

Why do you have blue hair?
It is my natural colour…you should see my leg hair…crazy!

I love Fauxlaroids…can I work with you?
We’d love to! For collaborations/marketing enquiries, please contact hello@fauxlaroids.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Do I have to edit the images myself before I send them to you?
Nope! We will do all the hard work for you to make sure to get the most from your images. If you have any special requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@fauxlaroids.co.uk

How do I get my images to you to process?
After you checkout you will be redirected to a file uploading page where you can add your files and they will magically make their way through space and land in my computer ready to be transformed intro retro style printed goodness.

Can I print images from my phone/Facebook/camera/computer etc?
Yes! I can print any image that you can send me, even scans of photos from before the digital age, but please remember that the quality of the image you send me will be evident in your Fauxlaroids prints . If it is fuzzy when you send it, it will be fuzzy when I print it!

How long do you keep my images after I have sent them to you?
Images are securely stored for two weeks after an order is placed. This allows for any mistakes in the order to be rectified without the images having to be resent.

How do you say Fauxlaroids?
You pronounce it ‘Fo-la-roids’ not ‘Fox-la-roids’…I hope that helps!

Can I write on the images?
Yes you can! The front of the Fauxlaroids are a semi-sheen finish, which a permanent marker will easily write on. The back of the Fauxlaroid is matt finish and can be written on with pencil, pen, quill…whatever takes your fancy!

What are the Fauxlaroids dimensions?
The Fauxlaroids dimensions match that of classic, retro style instant prints.

Dimensions: 85mm X 105
Printed area: 75mm X 75mm

There is a mistake with my order! What do I do?
If there is anything wrong with your order, please do not hesitate to contact me at hello@fauxlaroids.co.uk. Fauxlaroids is a human business, with human employees, but that also means that, on occasion, we make human errors. Oops!

How long can I expect delivery of my Fauxlaroids to take?
UK Shipping (which is FREE…you’re welcome!) is sent Royal Mail first class as standard, which is estimated at 1-2 working days (after dispatch)
International shipping has a flat fee of £5.95 and is estimated at 3-5 working days (after dispatch)